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Main » 2009 » March » 28 » The 42th Asian Taekwondo Instructor Course 2009
The 42th Asian Taekwondo Instructor Course 2009
6:45 AM

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Markku,Great post You keep your integrity, and I respcet that. You're also much braver than I, as I have only filmed my Poomsae training, and have only shared a few videos online (although I do share them all with my instructor). Especially my early videos of when I first returned to training. It is a very hard thing to look at them, so much as share them with the world!The one thing I have found that defeats lack of motivation is stubbornness. When I don't feel like working out, I decide that even if I don't Want to, I'm Going to I suit up and work out. What's really great though is that usually, even if I start with the thought of I really don't want to do this tonight! , within about 5-10 minutes, I feel great and really enjoy the workout.I have to be honest that I'm not always 100% successful in being more stubborn than my lack of motivation, but it does work more often than not.Brett

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